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What is Chochirin?

It is a cast bell in the image of a lantern
with Japanese traditional art of checkered pattern.
Light that shines through small holes warms up its surroundings.

This product is capable of being enjoyed by various arrangement,
such as ringing it like a wind-bell for a beautiful sound or using as a light ornament with LED light.

  • We have realized the thickness of 1.5mm which is considered to be very difficult for casting product.
    It is a light weighted and glass-like delicate casting product.

  • Although this iron product was completed with our high-level production skills, it has a lantern-like warm light.

  • A soft and pleasant sound of the bell was produced after trying many different shapes and materials.

  • Yamanashi Trial Ordering Products

    Among new products commercialized by small and medium- sized enterprises having its main office in Yamanashi, products which fulfilled the criteria specified by Yamanashi prefectural government will be certified as the "Yamanashi Trial Ordering Products".

  • Acquired trademark registration and design registration

    Design registration No.16779536 / patent application in process (意願2019-238665) Proprietor: Koana Foundry, Ltd.

  • OMOTENASHI Selection

    "Chochirin" was awarded in the 1st term of OMOTENASHI Selection 2021, which is placed in the target that is recognized as "full of charm unique to Japan" that we want to convey to the world.

    OMOTENASHI Selection
  • TAKUMI NEXT 2020

    "Koa Cute" was selected as one of 121 companies in Japan at TAKUMI NEXT 2020 held by JETRO because our products are made in Japan and excellent in designability which can image the "Japan luxury," and our "Chochirin" was highly evaluated as our representative product.

    TAKUMI NEXT 2020catalog


chochirin chochirin

length 5.3cm
width 5.3cm
heights 5.3cm
body color Silver/Black
Each has 12 colors: red/yellow/blue/green/purple/pink/light blue/yellow-green/light purple/light pink/black/white

3,960JPY(tax included)Stand type/suspended type with LED light

3,500JPY(tax included)no LED light

The product is rust-proofed, but please avoid contact with water.

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This product is a collaboration of Yogen no Tori "Bird of Prophecy" which is associated with Yamanashi and said to have predicted a pandemic and the "Chochirin." It is a wind-bell with a paper strip of Yogen no Tori to pray for good health.

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This product is officially approved by JCA (Japan Curling Association). It is a cast iron-made bell in the shape of a curling stone. Transparent sounds of the bell varies by item. 【2019 Yamanashi Industrial Awards】

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Amulet jeweley

Chochrin type amulet that protects your beloved pet family. Authentic silver jewelry with LED lights. You can enjoy matching outfits, and family members can use it as a charm or pendant.

Suggested situation of use

Appreciate thesound

Ring the bell like a "wind-bell" or a "call-bell."

Appreciate thelight

Combine with LED light and enjoy as a "light ornament."

Appreciate theshape

Enjoy the "quality" and "feeling" of cast iron product of 1.5mm thickness.


Use it when watching sports such as "curling games" and a "road race" to cheer.

Story behind the development of Chochirin.

What was the reason for developing Chochirin?

Cast iron products existed naturally in our everyday lives in the past; however, they are gradually disappearing today.
We have developed Chochirin because we want people to feel and appreciate the greatness of cast iron products. Also, traditional Japanese design was adopted so as to be able to appeal to overseas market.

What were your concerns during the development?

Because iron has negative images of being heavy, easy-to-rust, and hard-to-handle, we have focused on appealing profoundness and tastefulness of casting products by showing cast-skin (unprocessed and original texture of casting) with ultimate thinness, light-weighted, rustproof-plated, and that emits lights even though iron is not transparent.

What is the suggestive use of the product?

You can use the product freely with your free ideas both indoors and outdoors.Free loaning of products for events are also available.
(Some conditions/restrictions may apply. Maximum of 200/with LED lights)

Do you have any plans for developing new products?

We are aiming to develop the 4th and 5th cast iron bell products and provide more variations of the products for our customers.
In addition, in the field of "Monozukuri manufacturing," taking advantage of our skills which have been cultivated so far, we would like to take part in planning and development of local specialties throughout the country.


Koji Murata

Born in 1965 in Fukuoka prefecture. After having engaged in "Jewel Town Kofu" Kofu Jewelry production for 21 years, he joined Koana Foundry, Ltd. Certified as a Class-1 Jewelry craftsman and a Class-1 founder.